Mayor’s G.O. Bond Advisory Panel

Mayor Dan Gelber created a G.O. Bond Advisory Panel chaired by Karen Rivo consisting of 11 Miami Beach residents to serve through November 30, 2018. The Panel consists of residents who represent various communities of interest in Miami Beach.

The initial charge of the Advisory Panel was to vet and evaluate projects with a resident-centric lens and make advisory, non-binding recommendations regarding the prioritization of proposed G.O. Bond projects.

The Advisory Panel met weekly for dozens of hours over several months analyzing and prioritizing the proposed project list. This process included presentations from City department directors and the City Manager as well as the development of prioritization criteria. A key part of their review has been considering the input from the public. Hundreds of residents have shared their feedback during public charrettes organized by the City, numerous events hosted by community associations and organizations, and online.

On July 17, 2018, the Advisory Panel shared its recommendations with the City Commission. The Advisory Panel began with a proposed project list which had been previously reviewed by the City Commission totaling about $700 million and 90 projects. The Advisory Panel prioritized and thoroughly vetted the project list at three levels:

$444 million; 37 projects

$398 million; 35 projects

$353 million; 32 projects.

The recommended list can be found in the Documents section. The City Commission ultimately approved a final list of projects that was 95% consistent with the Advisory Panel’s recommendations.

The Advisory Panel will continue to meet through November to provide valuable resident input regarding the development and execution of the planned voter education campaign prior to the vote.

Meetings are open to the public. To view the meeting schedule, minutes, and recordings of the meetings click here.